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Juices At The Gym

I’ve been out of NYC for more than 2.5 years now and let me tell you, LA is where it’s at.  Say what you will, but LA has been on the juice trend for DECADES, bitches.  So I say a big WHAT THE FUCK EVER to this whole Pressed Juicery trend that’s trying to happen in New York right now.  In the faux words of Regina George, “stop trying to make juice HAPPEN!”


Eating at the gym

It seems like this should be a non-issue since the gym is a place where you go to exercise.  Aside from the fact that eating at the gym is just plain gross, I’m pretty sure we’d be mortified if we were caught chowing down on anything but a protein shake.

Barefoot and Drinking At the Gym

We took this ridiculous photo last night at Equinox West Hollywood as we watched this disgusting specimen crash an event (to be fair, it was in the gym lobby) and order a cocktail while BAREFOOT.  Walk out the door and jump off the second story balcony. Thanks.

Being Naked At The Gym

You wouldn’t think this would actually be an issue but yeah…it is.  I’ve seen numerous women in the ladies’ locker room just hangin out, chilling and, you know, being naked for no apparent reason.  It’s gross.  No one in there wants to see you naked so strut your gross body during your own time.

Sluts At The Gym

This is basically another version of porn stars at the gym but when we saw this photo, we just had to share.  Happy Friday.

Bluetooth douchebag at the gym

We find this more hilarious than really…anything else.  Watching a “bluetooth douchebag” walk around pretending to work out while basically talking to himself instantly uplifts our mood.

Watching TV At the Gym

Our gym in New York had one TV per machine…but that’s so not the case here in Los Angeles.  Personally, we like to watch BET and other channels where they show half naked women dancing around (hello, inspiration).  At the same time, we’ve seen some real lazy assholes watching TV and basically not working out at all because they’re so distracted.  And then there’s the boys who stand around the TV to watch whatever football/basketball/baseball game is on while they’re supposed to be working out.  SO stupid.