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Juices At The Gym

I’ve been out of NYC for more than 2.5 years now and let me tell you, LA is where it’s at.  Say what you will, but LA has been on the juice trend for DECADES, bitches.  So I say a big WHAT THE FUCK EVER to this whole Pressed Juicery trend that’s trying to happen in New York right now.  In the faux words of Regina George, “stop trying to make juice HAPPEN!”


Tight Man Pants At The Gym

I feel like I don’t even need to write anything for this post.  There’s just no excuse for this.  NONE. Whatsoever.

Katie Holmes At The Gym

We don’t know why but this photo of Katie Holmes just annoys us.  She just looks so gross and haggard.  Get your shit together, girl.

Coffee At The Gym

I’m not a coffee drinker but it seems like common sense that it’s probably not the best idea to drink coffee before or DURING your workout like some douche was doing the other day at my gym.  Hey asshole, take your double cafe mocha somewhere ELSE. Thanks.

Show off at the gym: Kellan Lutz

He’s a machine or at least wants to look like one.  In this particular photo, it looks like Mr. Lutz is wearing every piece of gym equipment that he owns.  Such a show off…

Check out this TMZ video where he goes nuts on the jungle gym.

Jersey At The Gym

Happy Friday.  Look out for this wolf pack of assholes…I hear they’re heading to LA this weekend.

Birkin bags at the gym

We’re all about purses, don’t get us wrong, but are you seriously carrying a $10,000+ handbag to and from the gym?  Honestly…the bright yellow version makes me want to vom.