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All White At the Gym

Hey Rose McGowan, take note, you are not Jesus Christ.  WHAT is with that outfit?  First off, are you trying to sweat through your clothes?  Gross.  Also, a sweater?  Really?  I’m gonna vomit.


Flesh Colored Pants At The Gym

This is just wrong on so many levels.

Jewelry at the gym

This is another mystery.  We can’t think of anything more uncomfortable/disgusting than having metal touching your skin while you sweat.

Being Naked At The Gym

You wouldn’t think this would actually be an issue but yeah…it is.  I’ve seen numerous women in the ladies’ locker room just hangin out, chilling and, you know, being naked for no apparent reason.  It’s gross.  No one in there wants to see you naked so strut your gross body during your own time.

Working Out In Jeans At The Gym

I mean…did you just forget your workout clothes?  This is honestly just GROSS.

Hipster Berets at the gym

Le sigh.  We have written countless posts on hipster fashion and, as exhausting and infuriating as it is, it never gets old.

Tight Man Pants At The Gym

I feel like I don’t even need to write anything for this post.  There’s just no excuse for this.  NONE. Whatsoever.