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Bluetooth douchebag at the gym

We find this more hilarious than really…anything else.  Watching a “bluetooth douchebag” walk around pretending to work out while basically talking to himself instantly uplifts our mood.


Velour Tracksuits At The Gym

We were nearly blinded Saturday afternoon after walking into the gym and being forced to see an adult man in full body VELOUR.  No excuse.

Tanning At The Gym

I don’t know if gyms are still even allowed to have tanning beds but this past weekend, we saw a guy putting on self-tanning lotion after he took a shower in the locker room.  We don’t know what’s worse – the fact that he actually showered at LA Fitness or the fact that he put on self-tanner at the gym.

Screaming At The Gym

Perhaps the most laughable offense, screaming (aka grunting, groaning, moaning) at the gym is the most common gym complain that I get from readers.  Take note, people – you do NOT have to make noise while lifting weights.  In fact, it’s super obvious that you just want attention and all eyes on your “big muscles.”

Jersey At The Gym

Happy Friday.  Look out for this wolf pack of assholes…I hear they’re heading to LA this weekend.

Guys who stare at themselves in the mirror at the gym

This might be the greatest offense of them all.  You know you’ve seen them…the guys (and sometimes girls, too!) who stare at themselves, their abs or their chest while they’re not even actually working out.

Don’t you have a fucking mirror in your house?!