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Juices At The Gym

I’ve been out of NYC for more than 2.5 years now and let me tell you, LA is where it’s at.  Say what you will, but LA has been on the juice trend for DECADES, bitches.  So I say a big WHAT THE FUCK EVER to this whole Pressed Juicery trend that’s trying to happen in New York right now.  In the faux words of Regina George, “stop trying to make juice HAPPEN!”


Hipster Berets at the gym

Le sigh.  We have written countless posts on hipster fashion and, as exhausting and infuriating as it is, it never gets old.

Hipster Scarf and Hat At The Gym

Ugh, Nicole.  We love you but seriously with the hipster hat and scarf?  You live in LOS ANGELES, not Canada.  If you want to cover greasy roots, wear a baseball hat.  K, thanks.

Coffee At The Gym

I’m not a coffee drinker but it seems like common sense that it’s probably not the best idea to drink coffee before or DURING your workout like some douche was doing the other day at my gym.  Hey asshole, take your double cafe mocha somewhere ELSE. Thanks.

80’s Workout Clothes At The Gym

Especially trendy with the hipsters, apparently 80’s workout gear is making a huge comeback at the gym.  We saw a girl rocking straight up lace tights with leg warmers the other day…and nearly threw up in our mouths.  Not ok.  Just no.  And sweatbands?  Let’s not even go there.

Mirror SPACE at the gym

People who hog mirror space at the gym are complete and UTTER assholes, in our opinion.  I was at my local gym in LA a few months back with a workout friend and we decided to venture on over to the “stretching” area.  We saw a guy and a girl talking/severely flirting but there was a definite open space next to them.  We walked over and the girl immediately responds “sorry, we’re using that space.”  REALLY, you fucking bitch?  Cause to us, it appears that you were pretending that you didn’t have a herpe on your lip and that the guy you were shamelessly flirting with wasn’t actually a gay porn star.  But OK.  You win.  The mirror “space” is ALL YOURS.