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Eating at the gym

It seems like this should be a non-issue since the gym is a place where you go to exercise.  Aside from the fact that eating at the gym is just plain gross, I’m pretty sure we’d be mortified if we were caught chowing down on anything but a protein shake.


Barefoot and Drinking At the Gym

We took this ridiculous photo last night at Equinox West Hollywood as we watched this disgusting specimen crash an event (to be fair, it was in the gym lobby) and order a cocktail while BAREFOOT.  Walk out the door and jump off the second story balcony. Thanks.

Being Naked At The Gym

You wouldn’t think this would actually be an issue but yeah…it is.  I’ve seen numerous women in the ladies’ locker room just hangin out, chilling and, you know, being naked for no apparent reason.  It’s gross.  No one in there wants to see you naked so strut your gross body during your own time.

Back Sweat At The Gym

We find this to be one of the most repulsive things in the entire world.  There’s nothing worse than seeing an empty machine, getting ready to sit down…and then you see a WET SPOT on the black pleather.  I can’t. Even.

Working Out In Jeans At The Gym

I mean…did you just forget your workout clothes?  This is honestly just GROSS.

Unnecessary Amounts of Water At The Gym

We constantly see the meat monkeys carrying around gigantic JUGS of water and it’s just not necessary.  Dudes, if you’re spending so much time at the gym that you actually need to hydrate that much, then you probably have some kind of disorder.

Then again…we don’t want to share a water fountain with you either.

Personal Space At The Gym

Why is it that every time we get on a machine some disgusting juice monkey has to use the machine directly next to us?  Even when the gym is EMPTY.