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Hipster Scarf and Hat At The Gym

Ugh, Nicole.  We love you but seriously with the hipster hat and scarf?  You live in LOS ANGELES, not Canada.  If you want to cover greasy roots, wear a baseball hat.  K, thanks.


80’s Workout Clothes At The Gym

Especially trendy with the hipsters, apparently 80’s workout gear is making a huge comeback at the gym.  We saw a girl rocking straight up lace tights with leg warmers the other day…and nearly threw up in our mouths.  Not ok.  Just no.  And sweatbands?  Let’s not even go there.

Smoking At The Gym

We were just discussing smoking, aka the most disgusting habit in the world, over lunch today.  What kills me (literally and figuratively) are people who smoke on their way and AFTER the gym.  Why even bother leaving your double wide to faux exercise?  Fact of the matter is, if you are a serious smoker (and we don’t mean the occasional cig with a beer) then you are probably fat and going to die anyway so you might as well just be lazy.

Tube Tops At The Gym

Not gonna lie, we’re pretty jealous of JWoww’s fantastically flat abs but does that mean she has to show them every time she works out?  And, we’re not talking sports bra here…we’re talking TUBE TOPS.  First off, this bitch is at least a DD and one wrong move and she’s totally pulling a Janet Jackson in those tubers.  Plus tube tops, really?  Is it 1999?

Jersey At The Gym

Happy Friday.  Look out for this wolf pack of assholes…I hear they’re heading to LA this weekend.

Birkin bags at the gym

We’re all about purses, don’t get us wrong, but are you seriously carrying a $10,000+ handbag to and from the gym?  Honestly…the bright yellow version makes me want to vom.

Reality At The Gym: Mike “The Miz”

You walk around LA Fitness practically begging for someone to ask for your autograph and say “hey, I remember you from “The Real World: Back to New York” or one of the Challenges or “hey, didn’t you used to bang Trishelle from the Vegas season?”  But guess what?  No one cares that you’re there. Deal with it.