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Back Sweat At The Gym

We find this to be one of the most repulsive things in the entire world.  There’s nothing worse than seeing an empty machine, getting ready to sit down…and then you see a WET SPOT on the black pleather.  I can’t. Even.


Working Out In Jeans At The Gym

I mean…did you just forget your workout clothes?  This is honestly just GROSS.

Hipster Berets at the gym

Le sigh.  We have written countless posts on hipster fashion and, as exhausting and infuriating as it is, it never gets old.

Unnecessary Amounts of Water At The Gym

We constantly see the meat monkeys carrying around gigantic JUGS of water and it’s just not necessary.  Dudes, if you’re spending so much time at the gym that you actually need to hydrate that much, then you probably have some kind of disorder.

Then again…we don’t want to share a water fountain with you either.

Tight Man Pants At The Gym

I feel like I don’t even need to write anything for this post.  There’s just no excuse for this.  NONE. Whatsoever.

Ex Sorority Girls At The Gym, ok?  I mean…you know exactly who I’m talking about.  The girls who wear greek letters on their ass and/or a t-shirt that says “GREEK Mixer 2003” and has a sketch of a drunk frat boy doing a keg stand.  Don’t lie.  Here’s a fact: if you graduated college before 2009, you’re too old to be wearing your sorority swag.  Thanks.

Reader Submission: Stone-Washed Jeans At The Gym

Reader Submission from Andrea:

My husband told me about an “annoying at the gym” moment that I wanted to share with you…

Picture a mid-50’s woman in stone-washed mom jeans and those little ankle socks with balls on the back. She had Glenn Close’s hair from the movie Fatal Attraction. She was singing in a high-pitched voice with her headphones on.